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Announcement of NFTXZ Community Global Node Deployment Progress

2021-04-06 22:50:00

Respected Users: The construction of NFTXZ's world-first media node (200T) officially ended on April 6, 2021 22:50 , in Singapore time. NFTXZ's other media node channels will be opened in the next phase. Please follow the official website announcement


Non-Fungible Token XZ

NFTXZ is a DeFi liquidity mining pool developed based on HECO (Huobi Eco Chain). It adopts the innovative mode of DeFi (High Liquidity) plus NFT (High Value Capture), and makes a breakthrough in introducing non-homogeneous token NFTXZ-anchoring digital pharmaceutical product-XZ entity intelligent drug machine. Based on the characteristics of indivisibility, irreplaceability and uniqueness, it helps NFTXZ capture higher ecological value.


XZ Token, as an ecological pass of XZ, It has brand-new subversive concepts such as interaction between chain and reality, mining by de-entity mining machines, and release of computing power, as well as a decentralized solution based on “cloud computing+Internet of Things+rights and interests certification”, which has the characteristics of anti-monopoly, fairness and transparency, etc. It realizes the ecological closed loop of the whole link through the link between entity and certification, and effectively solves the issues of traditional real economy.

XZ Intelligent Medicine Cabine

One XZ cloud mining machine and one NFTXZ on the chain are anchored by one XZ entity intelligent medicine machine. After purchasing the XZ entity intelligent medicine machine, the user obtains the computing power of the corresponding cloud mining machine, unlocks 138 XZ Token every day, and deducts 5% of the node hosting fee. There is no pre-excavation and no additional issuance in the whole process, and rights and interests are fairly distributed to participants according to smart contracts.


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