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Announcement of NFTXZ Community Global Node Deployment Progress

2021-04-06 22:50:00

Respected Users:

The construction of NFTXZ's world-first media node (200T) officially ended on April 6, 2021 22:50 , in Singapore time. NFTXZ's other media node channels will be opened in the next phase. Please follow the official website announcement.

About NFTXZ:

NFTXZ is a DeFi liquidity mining pool that was developed based on HECO (Huobi Ecological Chain). It adopts the innovative model of DeFi (High Liquidity) + NFT (High-Value Capture) and breaks through the introduction of non-homogeneous tokens. NFTXZ anchors the digital medical product XZ's physical intelligent medicine machine, based on characteristics like indivisibility, irreplaceability, and uniqueness, to help NFTXZ capture higher ecological value.

About XZ:

XZ Token, as the XZ ecological token, has new disruptive concepts, such as chain and reality interaction, de-physical mining, and computing power release, as well as a decentralized solution based on "cloud computing + Internet of things + equity tokenization". It has the characteristics of anti-monopoly, fairness, and transparency, realizes the full-chain ecological closed loop through the entity and the token link, and effectively and efficiently solves problems of the real traditional economy.

About XZ Smart Medicine Cabinet:

The XZ smart medicine cabinet, as the first unmanned physical medicine cabinet machine and digital financial medicine cabinet miner that is grafted with a pass, is directly supplied by the Xianyang Pharmaceutical Group. A pharmacy exists behind each medicine cabinet as a medical service guarantee. At the same time, it has multiple profit streams, such as advertising, delivery, online diagnosis, and treatment as digital asset support, and through the effective use of digital economy token rights, it will create a benchmark for China's new pharmaceutical smart retail digital system!

NFTXZ official team

April 6, 2021

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